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First Baptist Church

Paducah, TX

Where Your Family

Is Our Family

Who We Are

Our Unique Identity

Every church has a unique identity, a DNA if you will, which is formed by the interaction of theology, philosophy and practice. It starts with theology from a church's understanding of God and His scriptures. This theology affects the philosophy of ministry which each church operates by and within. Finally, this philosophy, affects the practical outworking of a local body. We believe in an incarnational, missional, sacrificial model which seeks depth over width. We pray, and work, that our practice lines up with those beliefs.

This philosophy, along with a driving passion that church consists not of a building and not merely of preaching and singing, but in being the body of Christ in sharing life together, has driven us to funnel all our adult ministry in and through our dynamic adult department. We have groups that serve as a panacea in which men and women, single or married, young and not so young, gather together in recognition of our inability to do life alone. Our hope is to create unity in diversity as people interact with those who are perhaps a little unlike themselves.